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Hobbies, Pets

Everything I
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 My Hobbies & Pet Page.....................
I love to play with all my pets!

Two  Pomeranians   -  Bunny and Angel
My Cats     -   Oliver and Sara
We picked up 2 Kittens off the side of the road
       so Guess What.......
Two more Cats  -  Stars   and   Stripes
STARS                and          STRIPES
    And     we can't forget our little stray dog  - Fancy
       She is  some  type  of  wire  haired  terrior, we  gave
       her the name  Fancy, so she would not have  a     complex  about her appearence!!!

Bunny & Oliver
And I can't forget all my outside pets.....

My Donkey - Abby
                                          Me and Abby
My Cow - Reba
My Pot Belly  Pig   -   Prissy
My  Pony   -   Beauty
My Dalmatian  -  Spec
Red Heeler   -   Dottie
Yellow Lab - Alex
Black Lab   -   Hank
Jordans Aunt Gloria & Hank

And Horses....

Gray, Bo, Savannah , Kicker,Sassy and Chance
My cousins Haley & Jackson on Sassy        Savannah

Gloria with Jordan's Horse Chance

I take ballet, tap, and jazz,  also  Piano & Voice.
I go to school at Central Hinds Academy where I am
    on the Pep Squad and a member of the basketball
    group, The Cougar Crew,  we are just like  the
    Harlem Globe Trotters.  You Should See Our Moves!

I will be posting more  pictures of all my pets soon,  So be sure to check back!