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Cover Miss Preliminaries 2002

Dixieland Dolls National 2001
Nashville, TN

         Jordan  & Haley                  7-9 Division  Girls Limo Ride
  Shae and Kayla                         Kaitlyn, Skyler, Lisa, Chelsey,
                                                                    Jordan  & Haley

The 2000 Queens got to ride in a Limo - Truck!!
They along with the 2001 Contestants were taken in a
Limo Caravan to Opry Mills Mall .
They visited the Teddy Bear Workshop where they
could make their own  teddy bear, and ate
at the Rainforest Cafe.

                           Jordan, Haley and Sarah at Rainforest

The Girls Had A Great Time!!!!

America's Gorgeous Girls-MS  STATE- 2001

 Division  Queens                                              Supreme  Queens

Dallas and  Jordan                 Kealeigh                       Jordan

Little Miss Mississippi 2001
Noel,Jordan,Beth, Nicole,Kealeigh,Rachel
Mrs. Sundra and Limo Driver

                                                                                          Jordan and Amber                                                                        
Jordan and Noel         Jordan   and   Jessica
 Kerri                             Brittany and  Camille